Osteria Ballarò

Osteria Ballarò in Palermo is a multisensory environment: sight, taste, smell, touch and hearing are involved in the atmosphere of the market, always a place of exchange between words, ideas, uses and customs and delights of Sicily.

"Time flies, and progress is pressing every day, sweeping institutions and customs. The disappearance is fatally necessary in the course of events: hence it is urgent that the memory of this life lived in thousands of years by millions and millions of simple people be fixed ... "(Giuseppe Pitré)
Osteria Ballarò is a market of values, in this place we tried to contain all the love for our land.
The Osteria Ballarò is the Sicilian Putìa del Gusto, where every product is strictly born in Sicily. A market of Sicilian excellences within the former stables of Palazzo Cattolica: from wines to cheeses, from meat to fish. Niche products, not just a few Slow Food Presidia, the pride of our land thanks to small, often family-run businesses, today on the margins of large-scale distribution. To them our thanks, to which we hope your will join.






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